• How to Unearth and Expose Greenwashing

    How to Unearth and Expose Greenwashing

    By Lily Woodbury

    With environmental responsibility no longer being an optional niche for businesses, greenwashing has now become a form of commercial trickery. Learn more:
  • Saying Goodbye to plastic - Alternatives to plastic use - 00X

    It's not me, it's you: saying goodbye to plastic

    By Allie MacIsaac

    While there is no singular solution to all of the earth’s complex problems, one sure-fire way to reduce plastic waste is to reduce plastic consumption. Here are some digestible dupes that you can replace in your daily life that Mother Nature will thank you for!

  • Down The Drain – The Environmental Impacts of Flushing Sanitary Products

    Down The Drain – The Environmental Impacts of Flushing Sanitary Products

    By Allie MacIsaac

    So, you’ve flushed a tampon or two. What’s the big deal? According to Anglian Water, almost fifty percent of sanitary product users admit to flushing their used products instead of tossing them. It is estimated that 700,000 panty liners, 2.5 million tampons, and 1.4 million pads are flushed every day in the UK alone.
  • Canadian Companies & The Environment - Only Organic Period Products Environment Blog 1

    Canadian Companies & The Environment

    By Allie MacIsaac

    Now, more than ever, we are turning to local businesses to fulfill our shopping needs, while also supporting an ever-changing Canadian economy. Major win, win.

  • All About Carbon Footprints

    All About Carbon Footprints

    By Allie MacIsaac

    All in all, your carbon footprint matters, for better or for worse. If every single person decided to change the way that they view and treat the environment, we could save (or immensely slow) the rate of destruction of our forests, our oceans, our air and our earth. 

  • Environment WINS During COVID-19

    Environment WINS During COVID-19

    By Allie MacIsaac

    For now, the earth is a little bit greener, cleaner and a whole lot happier. While these are nuggets of hopefulness amidst a difficult time, it is important to remember that true sustainable change comes from true, permanent behaviour change. These changes stem from the desire to positively impact our world and planet, and through active choices to live with a more environmentally conscious mindset.