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By Allie MacIsaac

Canadian Companies & The Environment

Canadian Companies & The Environment

Now, more than ever, we are turning to local businesses to fulfill our shopping needs, while also supporting an ever-changing Canadian economy. Major win, win.

At Only, we are a Canadian company that strives to make an environmental, social and economic impact through every decision we make, product we sell, and mind we inform.

Shouting our passion for the environment from the metaphorical rooftops (maybe physical, too) inspires us, especially if it enables others to make positive environmental impacts.

Here are some other amazing Canadian gems who work hard to prioritize taking care of the environment, and who’ve done some pretty incredible things to make our world a cleaner place.


Beau’s Brewery

Canadian Companies & The Environment 1

Instagram via @beausallnautral

If you’re from Ontario, you’ve probably heard of Beau’s Brewery. Locally made in Vankleek Hill, ON, Beau’s has spent years working on their sustainability initiatives since opening in 2006.

Unsplash via  @dissa

Thanks to the inception of their Greener Futures Project, Beau’s proudly runs on 100% green electricity and 100% green natural gas! They’ve also introduced solar panels (which create enough to power a small, local farm!), and more environmentally conscious waste distribution methods to dispose of yeast, other organic by-products, and water.



Instagram via @exploreterra20

Terra20 is a go-to Ottawa-based all-natural brand for lifestyle, food, cleaning products, cosmetics and beauty and more. Their goal is safer and healthier consumption of all products and they are ALL locally and ethically sourced!

Instagram via @exploreterra20

Terra20 is home to the first ever ecobar, which is a zero-plastic refill bar for non-toxic cosmetics and natural cleaning products. Since only 11% of the world’s plastics get recycled, they are a major catalyst in the fight against reducing plastic consumption. They prove that small actions have a major impact!


Unsplash via @izgubljenausvemiru


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