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Reusable Applicator with Tampons


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Do it for the environment and the clout. Meet Canada’s first reusable tampon applicator (and the planet’s second). Available in two sizes to fit your choice of applicator-free tampons, it’s time to change your tampon - sustainably. Get all the ease of a plastic tampon applicator without all the waste. 

Check the facts below. 

What's Inside the Box

Carrying Case 1
Storage Tube 1
Reusable Tampon Applicator 1

Applicator-Free Tampons


Applicator Free Tampons

Organic cotton absorbent core, organic cotton safety veil, organic cotton cord and recyclable paper wrapper.

Reusable Applicator

Medical grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and masterbatch.

Carry with ease

Convenient carrying case is supplied with each kit.

Choose from two sizes

1) Fits Regular & Super size tampons or
2) fits Super & Super Plus size tampons.

0 single-use plastics. Only organic cotton tampons.

Each kit comes with tampons made from organic cotton and wrapped in paper wrappers - not shrink-wrapped in plastic. Tampons are not made with chlorine bleaching, viscose, herbicides or pesticides.

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Environmental benefits.

You’re not only saving on cost with the reusable tampon applicator.

  • Creates less waste

    Like, a lot less waste. One reusable tampon applicator equals about 9100 plastic applicators from ending up in a landfill.

  • Made without silicone

    Meet silicone’s more eco-friendly (and cooler) cousin: medical grade TPE. Unlike silicone, TPE’s raw material can be used and reused.

CottonLock™ System Technology

CottonLock™ Technology is designed to prevent fibres from shedding and being left inside the vagina. The organic cotton veil is wrapped 360° around each of Green Umbrella’s applicator-free tampons, protecting you and your vag every period. Period.

Stock up on applicator free tampons.

How to clean.

During Period

  • Disassemble reusable applicator.

  • Rinse under warm running water.

After Period

  • Wash all pieces with unscented soap. Rinse thoroughly.

  • Let ‘em completely dry.