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It was Only a matter of time.

Until there was a better way to buy your period products. An easier, convenient, more sustainable way to get you what you need to get through your period. 

Pads, tampons and liners made of Only organic cotton, wrapped and packaged in Only biodegradable materials. All ethically sourced, affordably priced, and delivered in bulk, saving you time, money and the environment. 

Your box deserves better. That’s why we created ours.

  1. No plastics. Never rayon.

    Globally, we throw away 7 billion plastic tampon applicators a year. The bulk of these period products are made with rayon. What's rayon? Trees that are processed using tons of energy and chemicals until they become that soft, cotton-looking product. Ew.

  2. Sealed sustainably.

    Our Only boxes are FSC certified, which means they're made Only from responsible forestry, like post-consumer cardboard. Our shipping tape is made from a water-activated gummed kraft paper. It's eco-conscious and uncomplicated. No need to remove it to recycle it.

  3. Shipped to save.

    Whether you order One Time Only or Subscribe & Save, every period product shipped has been priced to make the better choice an affordable one.


Green Umbrella

GU are world leaders in creating sustainable period care products, and have been at the forefront of innovation for new technology offered in the menstrual product space.

Their facility is powered by hydro-electricity, pumping out more clean energy than their facility even needs. You know we're into that kind of thing by now, right?

This is Kat.

And Kat had a dream. She wanted to create a better way to buy period products; one that gives people choice without compromise with the option to customize your products to cover the unique needs of each menstruators period experience. Sure, you can shop organic online, but that will come at a steep price. And then there’s the other option — our current drug store brands. What they save you in money they make up for in ingredients you can barely pronounce. Polypropylene glycol, anyone? 

It’s a lot of sacrifice for something so essential. So, Kat began to search. And search. And search, sourcing the globe for period products that challenged what’s expected, offering sustainable goods affordably and ethically without all the fluff. A better tampon first, a better future is what’s next. This is the stuff of dreams, realized. 

Kat Plouffe
CEO & Co-Founder

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