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Applicator-Free Tampons


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Anybody got a tamp with less material, made from organic cotton and biodegradable materials? We got you. Created with GU’s patented CottonLock System technology that helps prevent fibre shredding on insertion and removal. Our applicator-free organic tampons are sustainable and easy to use, combining all the things you love with nothing you don’t need.

We’ve chosen three core flows to focus on, providing period solutions to our regular, super, and super plus menstruators. Still in love with the idea of an applicator? We hear you. Check out Canada’s first reusable tampon applicator.

The organic cotton difference.

Saving the planet one menstruation product at a time, we use only organic cotton. What does that mean? It’s better for you, planet Earth, and the farmers who grow it. No chemicals here, only absorbency and peace of mind. Thinking “tell me more?” Contact us.

Check more facts below. 

Organic cotton absorbent core, safety veil, cord and recyclable paper wrapper.

0 plastic. Only organic.

Made with organic cotton. Not made with chlorine bleaching, viscose, herbicides or pesticides. The wrapper? Compostable.

Made with CottonLock Technology.

Reduces fiber shedding for increased comfort, keeping your vag’s health and safety as a top priority.

  1. Wash your hands and remove the tampon from the packaging. 
  2. Relax and get in a comfortable position with your legs apart.
  3. Unravel the tampon string and pull it quickly and firmly.
  4. Place your index finger into the hollow end of the tampon and insert the tampon at an upward angle into your vagina, pushing as far back as possible. 
  5. The tampon should feel comfortable with the string outside of your body.
  6. Wash hands (obvs).

CottonLock™ System Technology

CottonLock™ Technology is designed to prevent fibres from shedding and being left inside the vagina. The organic cotton veil is wrapped 360° around each of Green Umbrella’s applicator-free tampons, protecting you and your vag every period. Period.


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