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Reusable Applicator Bundle

$79.00 $91.50


1 Reusable tampon applicator kit - fits size Regular and Super tampons
18 Applicator-free tampons - size Regular
18 Applicator-free tampons - size Super
30 Liners - Adaptable fit
10 Pads - Overnight with Wings

The details:

Still like the feel of a plastic applicator, but hate the single-use plastic waste? Do you like to use liners as backups for your lighter days, and switch to pads before bedtime?

This bundle is made for you.

Comes with a reusable applicator kit, an extra box of each size tampon refills, some liners for backup, and the comfiest, most breathable pads designed to protect you and your sheets while you sleep.

Rest assured each tampon, pad, and liner is made with GOTS certified, premium organic cotton. No harmful chemicals. No plastic waste. And the reusable tampon applicator is good for use for up to ten years worth of periods. Yep. Ten.

All products are Health Canada approved and loved by Canadian gynecologists.

Environmental benefits.

You’re not only saving on cost with the reusable tampon applicator.

  • Creates less waste

    Like, a lot less waste. One reusable tampon applicator equals about 9100 plastic applicators from ending up in a landfill.

  • Made without silicone

    Meet silicone’s more eco-friendly (and cooler) cousin: medical grade thermoplastic elastomer. Unlike silicone, TPE’s raw material can be remelted and reused again and again.

How to clean.

During Period

  • Disassemble reusable applicator.

  • Rinse under warm running water.

After Period

  • Wash all pieces with unscented soap. Rinse thoroughly.

  • Let ‘em completely dry.

CottonLock™ System Technology

CottonLock™ Technology is designed to prevent fibres from shedding and being left inside the vagina. The organic cotton veil is wrapped 360° around each of Green Umbrella’s applicator-free tampons, protecting you and your vag every period. Period.

Stock up on applicator free tampons.


Reusable Applicator Bundle

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