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Pads & Liners Bundle

$39.00 $48.50

Our package for pad lovers. 


20 daytime pads
20 overnight pads
30 classic liners

The details:

So you’re a pad person. A traditionalist. A no nonsense kind of menstruator who just wants pads and liners delivered to their door, please and thanks. 

Well you’re in luck because this bundle’s got you covered. Literally. 20 pads to protect you during the day, and enough pads to protect you for 20 nights. Some liners for your lighter days that are so breathable you’ll be questioning if you’re even wearing one.

All products are made with organic cotton, certified cruelty free, Health Canada approved and loved by Canadian gynecologists.


Made with organic cotton.

Organic cotton is not only better for you, it’s better for the bigger picture. It uses less than 1% of the water used to grow conventional cotton, and none of the chemicals - protecting us, and the workers who grow and harvest it.


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