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Reusable Period Products.

Select your reusable item (a reusable tampon applicator kit or a menstrual cup) - delivered once. Choose either a 3- or 6-month subscription of tampon refills, pads & liners. Place your order. 0 tax, 0 carbon emissions, 100% better period on its way.

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    Select your reusable period product

    Friendly FYI. Reusable products will not be sent out repeatedly with your subscription. Only your refillables.

    Reusable Tampon Applicator

    buy Reusable Applicator with Tampons canada - reusable applicator for tampons 4
    • Fits Regular & Super Size Tampons (Includes 16 tampons) $55.00
    • Fits Super & Super Plus Size Tampons (Includes 14 tampons) $55.00

    Menstrual Cup

    buy menstrual cups online - best menstrual cups canada - order menstrual cups online 1
    • Small $35.00
    • Medium $35.00
    • Large $35.00
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