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  • 5 reasons to support small businesses

    5 reasons to support small businesses

    By Erin Bernie

    Support local businesses that are owned and operated by your neighbors!  Caring about and investing in the wellbeing of their community and its future. Here's 5 reasons why you should support small businesses:

  • A Brief Period in History

    A Brief Period in History

    By Allie MacIsaac

    In the early 1900s, the first ever period products came to life: menstrual cups made from aluminum or hard rubber, and period pants, which were pants that were lined with rubber. Additionally, a company called Lister’s released sanitary napkins, as well as sanitary belts, which was an elastic belt worn under clothing to hold the pad. Think suspenders but for your pad.

  • This is Only the Beginning

    This is Only the Beginning

    By Allie MacIsaac

    We are no nonsense trailblazers. We are passionate world changers. We are proud leaders. If you’re reading this, we know that you are, too. Embodying these qualities means that it is time to demand more of yourself by prioritizing yourself and your health. We are here to embrace the fear that comes with change, and to help you to make choices with your best interest in mind.