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By Kat Plouffe

Wholesale Orders for Period Products

Menstrual Equity and Wholesale Orders: A Sustainable Shift in Period Products

At getonly.ca, we firmly believe that menstruation shouldn't be a barrier or a point of inequity. We emphasize the importance of both menstrual equity and the role of sustainable products in fostering this equality. As we delve deeper into the topic, we'll uncover the importance of wholesale orders for menstrual equity and how our commitment to sustainable practices sets new standards for the industry.

Understanding Menstrual Equity

Definition and Importance

Menstrual equity refers to the right of everyone, irrespective of their economic status, to have access to period products, sanitation facilities, and education related to menstruation. The concept doesn't merely revolve around accessibility but also quality, ensuring everyone gets access to safe and sustainable period products.

Historical Struggles and Achievements

Throughout history, menstruation has been stigmatized and often seen as taboo. Many cultures globally have deemed it impure, leading to the exclusion of menstruating individuals from certain activities. Over the years, activists have worked tirelessly to debunk myths, leading to increased acceptance and understanding. Today, the fight continues but now centers around ensuring access to quality period products for everyone, promoting menstrual equity.

The Role of Wholesale Orders in Promoting Menstrual Equity

Wholesale orders are crucial in promoting menstrual equity. Organizations, institutions, and businesses can distribute these essential items more efficiently and affordably by purchasing period products in bulk. Furthermore, wholesale orders for menstrual equity ensure that quality products reach the hands of those who need them most. It's a tangible step toward creating a society where menstruation isn't a hindrance but a natural and supported aspect of life.

Sustainable Period Products: The Future of Menstrual Care

We stand at a pivotal moment where the demand for sustainable period products is growing. The future is clear: eco-friendly products, free from single-use plastics and made from organic materials like certified organic cotton. And why is this shift essential? Not only do these products provide a safer option for the environment, but they also ensure that individuals use period products free from harmful chemicals and irritants. Sustainable manufacturing, like the one powered by hydroelectricity at getonly.ca, ensures that the process of making these products meets the highest environmental and social standards.

Wholesale Orders for Sustainable Period Products

Why should businesses and organizations shift to sustainable period products? The answer is multi-faceted. By placing wholesale orders for eco-friendly period products, they are championing the environment and advocating for safer menstrual products for their clients and employees. Getonly.ca provides volume discounts for these wholesale orders, making it easier for entities to make the eco-friendly switch without straining their budgets.

Menstrual Equity and Wholesale Orders: The Synergy

The relationship between menstrual equity and wholesale orders is undeniably intertwined. Wholesale practices, especially when focusing on sustainable period products, pave the way for menstrual equity. We can ensure widespread distribution by supplying in bulk, bringing quality period products to a larger audience. It's a partnership where businesses play an instrumental role in promoting menstrual equity, with the dual benefit of supporting sustainability.


Menstrual equity is not just about providing access but ensuring that this access is to quality, safe, and sustainable period products. Wholesale orders serve as the bridge connecting manufacturers and end-users, ensuring that menstrual equity isn't just a concept but a reality. At getonly.ca, our commitment is unwavering. We are ready to partner with you in this journey, offering top-quality products and the best wholesale prices in Canada. Let's create a world where menstrual care is sustainable, affordable, and equitable.