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By Allie MacIsaac

6 Simple Ways To Be Eco-Friendly TODAY

At Only, we understand that making the choice to be eco-friendlier can sometimes be intimidating. But we promise that its every bit as rewarding! We believe that everyone has the power to make small steps which compound into big change. Even just one, simple and actionable item can make the world of a difference, not only in your life, but also for the life of our planet. With a few easy-to-alter choices in your daily life, you can commit to helping the environment thrive! From research and personal experience, here a list of ideas to get you feeling confident and motivated towards a more eco-friendly attitude and lifestyle.

re-usable bags

Use re-usable bags

When single-use plastics (like grocery bags) don’t make it into the landfill, they make their way into our lakes, rivers and oceans. According to the Canadian government, the improper disposal of single-use plastics results in nearly 3 tonnes of plastic waste annually, including 15 billion plastic bags per year. That is a scary amount of plastic in our waterways, which exposes our wildlife and environment to harmful toxins, and can cause death.

Re-usable bags are good for, well… anything and everything! You’re not lame for bringing your own bags into the grocery store, you’re a hero. Pack your fruits and veggies in a re-useable mesh bag instead of the thin plastic bags in the produce section. If re-usable plastic isn’t your style, try out a canvas tote. 

Save energy, save the earth

Save energy, save the earth AND save money  

The environmental impacts from the amount of electricity that we use can be fiercely harmful to our world. In the short term, you will not feel these effects, but the damage is done over time. If we told you that by changing your electricity habits, you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other harsh air pollutants, protect our animals and conserve the earth’s natural resources, wouldn’t you want to join us? 

Change your lightbulbs to LEDs for a more powerful glow at a fraction of the electricity cost and replace them way less often. Pay specific attention to your time-of-use rate periods for your electricity. Avoid using your heavy utilities (running your laundry machine or dishwasher, charging your phone or laptop) on peak times to save the environment and your lower your utility bill! The earth and your wallet will thank you.



This eco-friendly habit is super helpful to the world! Composting ensures that the organic matter breaks down properly and reduces the amount of waste in landfills, does wonders to keep our waterways clean, and can also effectively nourish your garden. Instead of tossing your scraps and leftovers in the garbage, compost it yourself, or dispose of them in your green bin. Not sure where or how to begin? Check out our blog post on Composting.


Grow (and re-grow!) your herbs & veggies

While planting a veggie garden is a hot trend right now, we want to make it the norm. Why? Growing your own herbs and vegetables improves your air quality (more plants = less CO2), reduces the amount of chemicals and pesticides in your food and in the environment, and lowers transportation costs and gas emissions to get produce on your table. Not feasible to have a garden? Support locally sourced companies and vendors from famers markets!

What if we told you there was a way to re-grow your veggies with a little time and patience? Many different kinds of leafy produce can be re-grown simply with a cup of water! If you place the roots of the vegetable, such as lettuce, green onions, leeks, celery, or cabbage, in water, you will have fresh and re-grown produce in no time. Trust us, it works! 

planting a veggie garden

Sustainable swaps

Making the switch to longer-lasting products can go a long way in reducing your individual environmental impact and it is easier on your wallet. This is a simple way to engage in earth-friendly behaviours by reducing consumption of single-use plastics, which greatly harm the environment when not disposed of properly.

A great way to cut down on the 2 billion plastic water bottles that Canadians use every year, as well as the 22 million pounds of plastic that are found in our Great Lakes every year, is to use a re-usable plastic water bottle. Another product to eliminate unnecessary plastic waste is a re-useable coffee pod to replace K-cup waste. You simply add your own coffee grounds to the pod. These are some really simple ways that help us to be a more eco-friendly team!

plastic water bottles

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