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By Kiersten Lee

Only’s Guide to Tampon Sizes


Period products are not one-size-fits-all (thankfully). Your flow is part of what helps you decide what products work best for your cycle, and it’s important to listen to it when choosing what size of tampon you use. Menstruators who prefer this type of period product often revel in its discreet nature and ease of use. Even if it isn’t a staple in your routine, it’s probably something you can use on heavier days or out and about; and we welcome whatever brings you to camp tamp.

While our pad sizes focus on what time of day they’ll work best, tampon sizes are focused more on the extent of your flow. Don’t worry, we get it. It can be challenging to pick something that will work for your cycle. Especially if you are new to the menses game or simply haven’t had a good experience with this kind of period product in the past. This guide will inform, explain, and highlight all that you need to know about tampon levels.

Which Size Tampon Should I Use?

Two general rules: It should not hurt to remove your tampon, nor should it make a mess of your favourite underwear. That said, determining the right size tampon for your flow is up to you. Periods are personal, and the details you understand about your cycle are yours alone. 

Tampons are designed to fit snugly inside your body and absorb your flow internally. They might be thicker or slimmer depending on the size, but they have nothing to do with the width of your intimate skin. Tampon sizes are based solely on their absorption ability, not whether you have given birth or any other considerations.

Best Tampons for Beginners and Light Flow

We recommend that you start with our regular tampon to fully understand how insertion and removal feels on your intimate skin. They are designed to be worn (like all of our tampons) for between four to six hours. If you have to remove before the four-hour window, going up a size might be a good idea. If it lasts a full six hours, you have found your winner. Regular is the smallest tampon size we carry, so it’s a good benchmark to determine the extent of your flow and the size of tampons you might need.


Our regular tampons come with or without applicators, depending on your preference. Both are created with organic cotton and GU’s patented CottonLock System technology that helps prevent fibre shredding. Removal should be quick and painless, but if you find yourself having to take out this size before the full six hours, it might be a good idea to go up to super tampons.

What’s the Best Tampon for a Heavy Flow?

Maybe it doesn’t happen on day one, but by the time you hit day two or three of your menses, it’s time to bring out reinforcements. Heavy flows can be hard to contend with, no matter the period products you have available. Our super and super plus tampons provide the added support needed to go about your day and keep everything in place until you can find a bathroom.


One step up from our regular size, this tampon is designed to hold more fluid without compromising on our commitment to organic cotton. More layers ensure that your flow can be managed throughout the day and offer better protection. You can also choose to use this size with or without applicators.

Super Plus

We’re not talking about a big box store, just the largest tampon size we carry. If super tampons just aren’t cutting it when it comes to your flow, an increase in size can be just what you need. We still use organic cotton and GU’s patented CottonLock System technology and only offer this size in our applicator-free tampon range.

Types of Tampons

Scanning the drugstore shelves, there’s a chance you haven’t come across the idea of different “types” of tampons before. But at Only, we’re here to give you options to deal with your period in the most sustainable way that suits your lifestyle. We have both applicator and applicator-free tampons, depending on how you like to manage your flow.


Tried and true, you’ve probably seen this kind of tampon before. An outer shell contains the part that rests inside your body. But in our case, it’s not made of cold, hard, unrecyclable plastic. Our applicators are made from cardboard, which can completely break down and return to the earth without leaving microplastics in their wake. These are a great choice for menstruators looking to up their eco-game while still using products that work for their period.


Are you interested in taking your sustainability efforts to the next level? These types of tampons are simply packaged without the cardboard applicator. They work perfectly with our reusable tampon applicator, which, you guessed it, can be used for plenty of periods to come. Made from medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and masterbatch (for colour), this applicator comes in two options to fit our regular and super tampons and our super and super plus sizes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my tampon is full?

Everyone’s flow works a little bit differently. While you can wear most tampons for up to eight hours, they could fill up before then. The best way to determine if your tampon is full and needs to be removed comes from a trip to the washroom. A wipe might reveal some leakage, or a change in cord colour could indicate the tampon has finished its job and there’s no absorbency left.

You know your period best, so when trying out a new size or tampon brand, consider taking the time to see how long it takes to fill on your heaviest and lightest days.

Why is absorbency level important?

Absorbency level is akin to your comfort. If you use a size that is too big, it might hurt to remove or cause irritation on your intimate skin. If you use too small a size, you risk leaks and could potentially ruin your underwear. 

While you might be stuck deciding between regular and super tampons, know that you are the best judge of what works for you. These period products are designed for absorbency rather than the amount of time they can be worn for. If inserted for too long, the risk for toxic shock syndrome (TSS) increases. So, always start with the lowest absorbency or smallest tampon size first, and work your way up based on your flow.

What are the benefits of using tampons?

Using period products, in general, is ideal for creating a healthy and sanitary environment for your intimate skin. Many menstruators who use tampons like the discreteness and ability to wear whatever they want with it in and the fact that when inserted properly, you can’t really feel it.  

Whether you are new to using these period products or are a seasoned pro, tampon sizes can be a challenge to navigate. At Only, we have products that are meant for every stage in your cycle and want you to feel in control of your period and how you deal with it. If you have questions about our types of tampons or are looking for the best tampons we carry for beginners, reach out to us. We’re happy to talk periods anytime.