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New Menstruator Set

$39.00 $46.50


20 lightflow pads - daytime
20 lightflow pads - overnight
24 liners - ultrathin

The details:

Great for teens or those with a lighter flow. This set comes with petite pads to protect you during the day, and slightly bigger ones (but not bulky) to protect you and your sheets while you sleep. Liners are also included to help out during spotting.

All products are made with organic cotton, wrapped and packaged in biodegradable materials, and certified cruelty free. They are Health Canada approved and loved by Canadian gynecologists.

Made with organic cotton.

Organic cotton is not only better for you, it’s better for the bigger picture. It uses less than 1% of the water used to grow conventional cotton, and none of the chemicals - protecting us, and the workers who grow and harvest it.


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New Menstruator Set

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