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Question marks shouldn't come with your period.

A. Not usually. We’re not saying other brands are lying to you, but it’s an almost impossible claim to prove. 100% organic materials don’t really exist but we try our hardest to make sure ours is closest to that wholly number. In an effort of true transparency, we don’t make 100% claims, unless we can 100% back it. No if's or ands; Only the truth.

A. In a word, yes. There's no scientific proof that rayon is bad for the health of your vagina, but we know it's worse for the health of our planet. Rayon comes from cutting down trees that are then broken down into a soft, cotton-looking product using tons of energy and chemicals. Cotton comes from crops that keep reproducing. We're no scientists, but we'd take organic cotton over chemicals any day.

A. Here's what we know. The rayon and viscose extracted from bamboo and used to make super soft products (like t-shirts, pads and tampons) do contain bamboo pulp. But to turn bamboo into pulp, it has to go through the same chemical processing as tree-based rayon. Yes, bamboo grows faster and is a more sustainable plant to harvest than trees, but the end product is just another version of rayon. Be sure to check that fine print, friends.

A. Ya. You see, flushing tampons is bad for both our environment and our waste management facilities, contributing to millions of dollars in issues to public sewage systems. So, discard with diligence.

A. When it comes to period products, there really isn't a better or worse choice –  it's all about preference. Pads can be less intimidating and easy to assess if they need to be changed. Tampons are very discreet. So, bottom line is that you can choose whatever feels right for your body. This is a judgement free zone.

A. Not in the literal sense, as the menstrual cup sits midway up the vagina. However, there are erogenous zones all over the body. The clitoris, which is on the outside of the vagina, is a pleasure organ, that if stimulated, can lead to orgasm. Now you know.

A. Period products that are bleached will not change the colour of your skin, however if there is chemical residue, they can be very irritating to the sensitive tissues of the vulva. A good basic principle is to stay away from anything chemical and bleached.